The Freedom to Dream

I am in awe that I now I have

The freedom to dream

The kind of dreams that come from deep inside my chest.

These that I buried

The that after freed make me who I am

more complete.

There’s something about the freedom to dream

That makes me whole

and unconcerned with the orthodox.

I can’t fully describe what I feel

beyond the love-rain that soaks me.

So peacefully driving.

It’s soaked and filled me

so much so that I feel at any moment I’ll burst

and I really hope that I do.

I have found my joy

My dreams have found their creator

who continues to love them into bloom.

Things that are of heaven

now overflow from my uncomprehending tongue.

The freedom to dream with eyes towards heaven

and a voice struggling to shout praises loud enough.

How can the potential of my life be anything

but whimsical dreams sought after in admiration.


the greatest love of all is mine

I scribbled this down one day when I was having a rough shift at work. Being a waitress can take its toll on you.

Jesus shook my world and reminded me how to love people well. Even if they’re yelling in my face. Instead of getting upset when I can’t seem to please the world at all. I have to pull back and remember that the world is not a thing that even comes close to mattering. Jesus matters. He HAS to be my greatest treasure. Without Jesus I have nothing. I am nothing.There is no darkness when the light of the world is present.

You are Beautiful.

You are wonderfully made.

You are light.

You are His.

He is yours.

Embrace His peace.

Embrace the hardships,

for they are the ammunition of future days.

Find the light in this season

and lift up your brothers & sisters.

Lord knows they need it too.

Embrace physically & lovingly the family

and you will always be home.




Lord I am a tidal wave. I wash back and forth from the sweet shores of your glory into the bitter depths of the sea. The dwelling place of sinners. You pull us toward you from the darkness with your strong wind. Lord forgive me for wavering, for I wish I to stay on your humble and mighty land. Jesus pull me closer. Longer. Calm my busy planning mind. You are the adventure of my day. My to do list is the will of your glory, not my own. Rip up, tear up, burn my list and set my heart aflame. I am yours, not the world’s. Lord I declare that your own words become mine. Let them drip from my tongue and your light shine from my eyes and my heart, then let your grace overflow from my fingertips. Full. of. You. Lord. Fill me up, refresh me, then pour more. Don’t stop, Jesus. Never let go of my right hand. Let’s walk together forever and laugh and dance and be light. Let’s endlessly be US.


Sunday April 14th, 2013

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and continue to learn it’s to be where you are.

    Be where you are.

                                                 Be where you are.

                Be where you are.

The future is luminous and tempting but I can’t get there without appreciating here. I’m in a hurry to grow up and to start my career. But the best, sweetest, and richest parts of my short lifetime will always be found where I’m at. The Lord knows what’s coming, what’s been, and what’s now. The essence of heaven is in each step I thankfully fulfill. Front, back, up, down, or otherwise. So, “be here” I am constantly reminded. “…my daughter, cherish the gifts, for I have lovingly positioned them for this time of now. Don’t grasp, just fall limp in gratitude and be exactly where I need you to be in this place.”



If you haven’t heard of 8tracks by now, this is your chance! This is a playlist that the Lord has used to speak volumes to me over the past year. I don’t know the man who made it, but the combination of songs have been so powerful in my life that I couldn’t resist showing it to you. So, whether you’re getting ready for the day, making lunch, working hard, or just doing dishes you can click the link below and press play. Let the Lord take over this day. Let your eyes be stuck on Him. Let His awesome love for you be the center.

The Cripple at Your Table


Heaven’s Imagineers


Walt Disney World: A place dedicated to loving on children and their dreams, and the adults that sometimes need a reminder that theirs still exist. It’s a place that reminds us of that whimsical “why not” feeling that fosters our ingenuity. That creative light that can sometimes be forgotten under a worldly shadow.

I imagine heaven will be to me, how Disney World is to a 6 year old walking through the gates, emerging onto Main Street USA for the very first time. That amount of joy magnified to the likes of the Lord’s kingdom just…holy smokes. It gives me such butterflies in my stomach.

Disney is in the details, so is our God. He’s in the cool breeze against our faces, the glory drops of summer rain, a friendly greeting, the people we meet; He’s everywhere doing the little things to make us smile. He wants to wow us. He loves putting the small things in our lives and LOVES when we take notice of them and rejoice.

When I was little, Disney World was about the rides. It was about the big picture and getting to see every character and the electrical parade. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely still don’t want to miss any of those things, but now that I’m older, I’ve really come to appreciate the little details, the intricate everything that makes Disney World what it is, because they dare to go the extra extra mile.

These are the gates to the new addition to Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland. At first glance they look like your run of the mill castle walls, but if you look closer you’ll see that the imagineers have added a few minor details for anyone who stops to take a closer look.




When I was inspired to write this blog I was on my third hour in Magic Kingdom without even having ridden a ride and without any plans to. On my second day of my three day hopper pass I felt like an insider, like I lived in Cinderella’s castle free to come and go as I pleased. The truth was I simply enjoyed BEING there, sitting and drinking an iced coffee while I watched the parade on Main Street USA (twice) and the welcome party at the castle (perhaps also twice). I’ll admit that the reason behind my initial venture there was inspired by the lovely Bob Goff, who has made himself an office on Tom Sawyer island at Disneyland. I had work for a class I was missing so I thought “hey, why the heck not do it at the happiest place on earth?” And let me tell ya, IT WAS AWESOME. When I finished, I of course didn’t want to leave so I began to walk. There I was, a silly barefoot girl strolling along with the cheesiest grin on her face. I was lame and loved every stinkin’ minute of it.

What I realized on that solo adventure through Magic Kingdom was that my new love and appreciation for the details and heart of Disney, is so much like my relationship with Jesus. When you’re 6 and in Sunday school, they teach you the big picture. Heck, I had a Bible with only pictures. But, as I’ve grown in size and in faith, I’ve come to appreciate the little things, along with the big things, placed so lovingly in the world and into my life by my Father in heaven. I love just sitting, just BEING with Him, with no pressure to go to any youth all-niter or do a scavenger hunt. I can just sit and be thankful for the parade of blessings He creates for me in every moment. I love BEING with Jesus, I love WALKING with Jesus, just He and I alone. And you can bet your bottom dollar that when I do have the worlds cheesiest grin on my face because I can’t stand not to. I love every stinkin’ minute of it.


“The only thing you can grasp without damaging your soul is my hand”

Lord, why can’t I stop grasping for things I know I don’t need? Refresh me Lord, relax me and fill me with your peace. Bring me to the mindset and big picture of your kingdom because I become so stuck in my own. But…is it my own? I’m in a funk, I’m in a rut. Lord light my heart on fire, give me the momentum to drive over the edge with you. Discomfort but comfort knowing you have me in your grasp, that’s where I want to be. But how do I get there? I know it’s your timing Lord, please help me with my frustration because I can’t help but feel stuck behind these walls. Give me the energy, the passion, the movement, and humility to break out. Break down these walls Lord, Daddy, Papa, both physical and mental and heart-wise. Drag me if you have to. Grab my right hand and pull me to the edge of the branch. So wonderfully scary and thrilling and the same time. Where is that place in my life? I feel stuck in the tree, give me the courage, Lord. Clear my head, clear my heart, because you’re all I want. Grab my fists and shake me again, Jesus. Forgive me for not learning the first time. Thank you for pursuing me and giving me relief in the fact that you know me. You truly know me, so much better than I know myself. Help me to feel the weight of this truth, Lord. Face to face, across the branch, across the tightrope, help me walk boldly towards you.


“Jesus,” I whisper your precious name as my breath escapes me. “Taylor,” you whisper mine back just the same.

“Keep Your Eyes On Me”